Michael Frasca Studio and Gallery is located 23 miles southwest of Lexington , Kentucky and sits above the Kentucky River 3 miles from the restored Shaker settlement of Pleasant Hill.


    To make the work shown on these pages, I start by combining various stoneware clays.  The pieces are formed mostly on the potter’s wheel. I also cut, join and alter the forms before drying.

    Over the years I have used wood ash (mostly Oak, Locust and Cherry) as a primary ingredient in my glazes. Lately I have been formulating glazes with local limestone and local clays (Kentucky River mud and quarry clays) in combination with the wood ash.

    The pieces are single-fired to 2350 degrees Fahrenheit in a reducing atmosphere. An ongoing manipulation of the materials in both the clay body and the glaze is critical to my pursuit of a territory that falls somewhere between tight, classical form and a looser, more dynamic attitude.  I am most satisfied when both forces are present and recognizable.